DECORATIVE CONCRETE OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, INC. - "To get the job done right, call a Northerner!"
Well, first let me start off with saying, my name is Cliff Rider from Long Island, New York.  I am 54 . My mom is a Nurse and my dad is a Psychologist and I'm a painter.  It all started about 30 years ago. My Dad got me a job for a famous painter by the name, "Billy the Greek"  on Long Island. I worked for him for a couple of years doing interior painting on million dollar homes such as Leslie Modell's, owner of Modell's Sporting Goods.
A short time after, my mom was caring for a patient who was terminal and he asked her if there was anything he could do for her for her kindness. She said "no thanks what I do is my job and comes from the heart". He asked if she had any children and when she replied "I have a son, who is a painter", he asked "would he like to be in the union?" She thanked him for his offer and then told me the story. Of course I said yes. From that point on, I was a union painter until my mom and dad relocated to Florida when they were just 45 and I decided to move there also.  I have been staining driveways for over 25 years. So for those of you that live here now, excuse my  french, but the southern work ethics are not what we as Northerners are used too.
I'm sure you will be happy working with me. Look around my website and as you can see my work  also comes from the heart, as I was raised. If you have any ? or would like to schedule an appointment, contact me  anytime at...
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